• Cloud based tool: DNS Domain Typo Finder

  • Cloud based tool: Reflux - convert Burp logs to CSV

  • Cloud based tool: Malware Inspection & Config Extraction

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NCC Group Labs is the home of the cloud based software tools that come about as a result of security related research and development activities that occur within the group. NCC has a long history and pedigree in security research as a result of having over 250 security technologists working across four continents who continually perform R&D to support our different security related missions.

The individuals who contribute to the labs represent some of the keenest and most experienced minds in the security industry. Combining individuals who have been credited with the discovery of innovative exploitation, defence and research techniques through to those with new perspectives on existing hard to solve problems NCC Group is one of the industry's true powerhouses.

NCC Group’s capability is built on the shoulders of giants. With NCC Group organically attracting leading talent combined with individuals who herald from industry defining security research establishments such as @stake and BindView’s RAZOR team through to individuals who come from NCC Group’s acquisitions of Matasano, Intrepidus, iSEC Partners, NGS Secure and SecureTest. The NCC Group team is one of the largest and most experienced teams on the planet when it comes to almost all facets of security.

Security Labs Cloud Based Tools

NCC Group Labs hosts a number of innovative tools

All of the tools have been developed in house and are available online via the links on the right.

Gaining Access to the Lab's Talent

Your organisation can benefit from the skills who contribute to NCC Group Labs. Simply engage NCC Group to benefit from the wealth of talent and experience available.